Celebrating you

Since Trevecca was founded in 1901, the University’s mission has been centered on preparing graduates for leadership and service. As business leaders, pastors, teachers, professors and more, our graduates continue to embody the mission and values of the University in the work they do. This University, this Hill in the heart of Nashville, shines with the light of the legendary people who have walked these paths and traveled Trevecca’s hallowed halls.

Our story is your story

From high-influence executives to humble pastors breaking open God’s Word and sharing His grace, Trevecca’s legends are alive in you, our alumni, making a difference wherever you are.

Public service with a Christian approach

At his inauguration in January 2019, Gov. Bill Lee was surrounded by 23 department commissioners who each took an oath to lead and serve Tennessee. Among those commissioners was Brad Turner (’98) whom Lee tapped to oversee the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD).

As commissioner of the DIDD, Turner provides support to some of Tennessee’s most vulnerable. He has oversight of all services that support Tennesseans with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Finding home

"Trevecca’s community truly shaped me. A moment that stands out to me the most happened just a few months after I had graduated. In the fall of 2017, my dad got really sick and was rushed to the hospital. I was told that I would have to fly to Florida to see him and say goodbye. My friends and acquaintances quickly got word of this. Within hours, the Trevecca community raised enough money for my plane ticket. That night I felt so surrounded by the love of God and the love of a community around me. I am forever grateful for my Trevecca experience. More so, I am grateful for the servant leaders, friends and lasting relationships it produces."

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